Monday, March 22, 2004
Huge 'em

Long ago, like last year sometime, Didi dubbed Isaac Huge'em. And, well, LOOK at him:

He's *huge*!!

But, as much as he looks like he's bigger than Julia. Here's a picture to prove that he's not:

Isaac's not talking a whole lot, but he's broadening his range of sound effects. He's got cars, trains (says "woo woo" every time I put his train shoes on), and dogs. But he really enjoys pointing at objects to learn their names and sound effects, so he's startin' the database and getting ready to start chatting. Which is good, because I think Julia's ready for a new conversational partner. She does address a lot of statements to him, but doesn't expect much of a reply as of yet. If he does say something, she'll say in a really excited voice, "Mommy! He said yes!"

The kids tend to push each other around quite a bit, but I did see something that warmed my heart the other day. We were at a friend's house and the kids were extremely busy checking out the play kitchen, etc. and were basically unaware of my existence. Isaac lost his balance and fell on his tushy, letting out a little cry. Julia walked over to him, gave him a hug, and then went back to playing. I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. Usually, she tries her best to ignore his existence, so here's hoping that they become best friends in the near future.

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Monday, March 15, 2004
Finally, more pics :)

Okay, we finally had some time to upload some pics. Julia did a whole array of emotions for the camera the other day. Here's a sampling:

I'm not sure I can name all the emotions, but is she a good actress, or what?

I also got some good pics of Isaac sucking down noodles the other night:

That last one he looks like he's sucking so hard his brain is going to start oozing out of his ears ;)

And finally, the big news of the week: I gave Julia her first haircut. It was just getting in her face too much, and I wanted to give it a chance to even out instead of being so much longer in the middle. So here she is sportin' her new 'do:

I was sentimental enough to keep a lock of her hair. That'll go in her baby box.

In other news -- Isaac is starting to walk more than he crawls. It's his preferred method of transportation until he loses his balance. He can't stand up on his own yet, so he has to crawl to a convenient wall or couch to get back up again. Whenever he gets bored, he points to his coat and says, "Bye bye?" Whenever he wakes up first, and I go in to get him, he starts calling, "Dah-doo..." That's his word for Julia.

And Julia seems to be coming out of her anti-social phase and joining the rest of us humans again. She had a great time last night, navigating her tractor (driven by a chicken, towing a trailer full of "candy") around the mountains of laundry I was folding.

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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Private time

Julia has retreated into a slightly anti-social phase. She would like nothing more than to sit on the computer, playing her Little Bear game, and being left completely alone (with a snack delivered every once in a while). We've managed to convince her to at least be in the same room with us by draping a quit over her learning tower so she can be in her own little fort. She takes a flashlight, her Leap Pad, and a box of raisins in there and is as happy as a clam. She even tolerates Isaac pulling the edge of the blanket back once in a while to check out what his big sister's up to.

Isaac's newest game is "pushing mommy over." I unfortunately started this one the other night, but we're going to have to modify it as it involves him crawling over to where I'm sittin on the floor, letting out an ear-splitting scream (I'm not kidding, think fire alarm), and pushing me over. That gets him giggling hard! But we've got to do away with the screaming. I think I'm already suffering from early hearing loss.

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Thursday, March 04, 2004
Almost walking...

Isaac's still in transition with the walking. He still crawls most of the time but will occasionally walk from one place to the next. He's not totally stable, but once he gets moving he's like a mack truck. It won't be long before he starts chasing Julia around and tackling her (actually, he's already done that a few times -- it's a pretty funny sight to see her trying to walk while dragging her brother at the same time. It makes all of us giggle).

And he's starting to talk more too. So far he says, "hi, bye-bye, diaper, ball, balloon (both sound like "bo"), uh-oh, all done (sort of), daddy, on/off (that's more just the tone of voice as he flips the light switch back and forth), woo-woo (for trains, especially his train shoes)." There's probably more that I'm forgetting, but I'll add them as I think of them.

Julia and I have been having some great chats lately. Topics include what she enjoys doing at school (including going to a mysterious place outside called the "wellnens") and what bubblegum I liked to chew when I was a little girl (also what gum Todd liked when he was a boy -- gum is a fascinating topic).

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Monday, February 23, 2004
Great visit :)

Well, we had a great visit with Ah-ma, Nana, Leo, Kathy, and Kaye. The kids just had a ball being the center of attention all the time :)

Here's a pic of just the girls:

Here's Isaac playing one of his favorite games, "Cheers!"

And here are the kiddos snuggled up with their grandmas

(why does Isaac look bigger than Julia in every single picture?? He really isn't!)

And the big news of the week is that Isaac's starting to walk! Well, sort of... It's more like he stands very rigidly without bending any limbs and rocks his body back and forth so that his feet move forward. It's really quite funny, and you should see how pleased with himself he is. Todd and I were just saying how fun it is that Isaac's still so baby-ish. I mean, he's almost 18 months old. A lot of toddlers this age are walking and talking, but Isaac's just a big, huggable bundle of baby :)

And Julia continues to amaze us. The past few months have really been a transition from toddler to little girl. She had her friend Gillian over to play last night, and she kept saying, "Gillian! Let's go play in the basement!", and off they'd go and we never heard a complaint from either one of them. I wish we could bug them, because I'd love to hear some of the conversation that goes on down there.

Oh, and I wanted to record these few examples of Julia's logical mind. One of the first conversations she had with Aunt Kathy, Kathy asked what her favorite color was. Of course, she said, "Yellow, like my yellow blankie. What's your favorite color, Kathy?" "Pink," Kathy replied. "Do you have a pink blankie?" Julia wanted to know. She also wanted to know, since Kathy had come from the airport where we had dropped Daddy off earlier in the week, if Kathy had been skiing with Daddy :D

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Thursday, February 12, 2004
Valentines and trains

I put Julia and Isaac in their Valentine's day shirts from Nana today. Thought you might like to see the pics:

Isaac was so funny last night. We were playing with flashcards (him, me, and Ah-ma, while Julia was playing her Little Bear game on the computer), and he latched onto the one with the train. He kept playing with it and making "woo-woo" noises. He wouldn't even let it go when he went to bed, so I let him take it to his crib. When I went in to get him this morning, he picked it up, showed it to me, and said, "Woo-woo!"

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Donut anyone?

The kids and I drove into the airport over the weekend to drop Todd of for his annual ski trip in Vail. We had to go at our normal lunchtime, so I tried to feed Isaac and Julia before we left. Isaac ate pretty well, but Julia, who had had a pretty big pancake breakfast, hardly ate a thing. About halfway to the airport, she started asking for food. Well, we didn't have any in the car. She asked for the diaper bag (because I always keep snacks in there), but I hadn't brought it. The she started asking for "something." "Like what?" I asked. "Like a rice cake, or something," she answered. Gosh, she's gotten fluent. Then Todd gets pulled over at the airport (he was driving). So the cop comes up to get his info and goes back to the police car to do whatever they do back there. We're waiting and waiting, and trying to act like policemen are really nice and isn't it cool that there's a police car behind us. Luckily, we had planes to watch, which kept the kids pretty entertained for a while. Finally, Julia asks why we're just sitting there. We told her we were waiting for the policeman. That he was checking on a few things, but he'd be back soon. So she says, "And then he'll bring me something to eat?" Todd and I both started laughing so hard, we would have fallen down if we hadn't already been sitting!

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Thursday, February 05, 2004

In all of her excited chatter, sometimes Julia switches letters in words or phrases. I want to keep a running list, but I can only think of a few off the top of my head. Some of them are from when she was younger:

  • "Gup-eye" = "buckeye" (that's from last year)
  • "Mommy fisk it" = "Mommy fix it"  (that's also from last year)
  • "Shake a tower" = "Take a shower" (that's recent, and it totally cracks her up for some reason.)


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Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Sun, sun, sun

This morning is one of the first sunny mornings we've had in a long time. As I was driving the kids in, Julia suddenly said, "Sun! Stop doing that to my eyes!" I guess it was just a little too bright for her :)

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Monday, February 02, 2004
Bread, gummi chats, and stripes :)

Here are a coupla totally non-stellar pics of the kids, but at least you know I'm trying...

This is Julia making bread at her "water table." This is one of the few activities she'll do by herself for more than a few minutes at a time. She is starting to color more, however. In fact, I'll try to remember to take a picture of one of her latest masterpieces. She gets frustrated though, because she'll be coloring and coloring, and then her arm starts getting tired. That's when she hands the crayon to me or Todd to finish the job. She's driven to get it done, though!

She'd been kinda funky and sulky for the past couple of weeks, but she woke up yesterday in a fantastic mood and has been great fun ever since. She's very talkative and one of her favorite things to do is to have a chat in her crib before bedtime. We usually talk about all the different kinds of gummi candy we can think of. We start with bears, worms, fish, etc. But then we start getting silly with cribs, cars, and anything else that seems funny at the time.

Isaac is getting a little closer to walking. He really enjoys holding someone's hands and stepping around the house. The advantage to having such a late walker is that we don't have to bend over very far to hold his hands.  He's been getting very jealous if I hold Julia or have her on my lap and swats at her to get her off of me. Not very nice and usually leads to some ugliness. Here he is in one of the nice striped onesies his Nana bought for him:

(Please excuse the snot and the food showing in his mouth. No one looks good *all* the time, right?)

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