Entry: Shots, dollhouses, and breakfast pics Friday, April 02, 2004

Well, I've been meaning to catch you all up for a few weeks now, but am finally sitting down to do it. Isaac had is 18 month appointment a few weeks ago. He is 95th percentile for length (no surprise there), just under 50th percentile for weight (so he's tall and skinny like his daddy), and, you will not believe this, but just under 50th percentile for head circumference (which means there are some *truly* big-headed kids out there somewhere. Or maybe if that dent in his head was rounded out, that would push him into the 95th percentile like we'd all expect). He had his shots, which didn't affect him too badly, but did make him so sleepy on Sunday that he actually fell asleep in the shopping cart (I don't believe he's every done that before, even when he was an infant).

Julia has been totally happy playing with her new dollhouse from Nana. We've placed it up on a console and she plays with it from her learning tower, to keep it out of Isaac's reach. He was pawing at it yesterday, and she pushed it so far back to keep it out of his reach that the whole thing fell off the table and into the family room. The screeching and crying and howling (from both kids) after that incident left Todd and I deaf for most of the rest of the evening.

Julia has also been very adamant about holding her blankie by its four corners. I guess this is so that it forms a bag as she likes to carry candy in it, whether real or pretend. She's also excitedly counting the weekends until Easter, holding up two fingers (sometimes she has to start with all five and bend them down one at a time until two are left), and telling us there are "two weekends left!"

Here are few pics from breakfast this morning. Isaac insisted on wearing his hat. He looks like someone straight out of "12 mile":

And Julia wanted to show me her big smile:


April 2, 2004   12:09 PM PST
Awwww....I *miss* my little munchkins. Tell Miss Julia that when I come and visit next we can spend hours playing rocks. I want to make sure my position as the "best friend" stays secure! Give Isaac a big kiss on his not-that-big-of-a-head for me! I can only imagine what 95% for head size is for a kid his age!
:), Kathy

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