Entry: Sun, snow, and furniture moving Monday, April 05, 2004

I had some photo shoots with the kids over the weekend for some Kool Sheep Soaker auctions I'll be running this week. I didn't use this pic of Isaac because he looks too, well, sexy (is that okay for a mother to say?):

Throw some puka shells around his neck and set him on a beach, and he'd be a chick magnet for a 20-mile radius (in my unbiased opinion).

At the opposite meteorological extreme is this picture of Julia (non-auction related, we just had to take a pic of our little movie star):

Yes, it's still that cold in Michigan. We are desparately in need of some warmer weather.

The whole family made the daylight savings time switch a day early. Saturday morning at 7 am we were all bustling around and ready to get going. We bought some plastic chairs at the grocery store so the kids have somewhere to sit in the family room and down in the basement. Isaac was so delighted at being able to move a piece of furniture that he carried his all over the house:

This is the kid who couldn't walk a month ago. Hopefully this interest of his will continue into the future. It could come in handy if we need to move and he's a bit bigger.


April 5, 2004   01:59 PM PDT
Heh! There's Isaac picking up the chair just like you said!! He *is* looking sexy in that picture. What a good looking boy! Aw...my nephew. Julia is adorable per her usual M.O.

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