Entry: Dinosaurs, treasure chest, Teletubbies Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I took the kiddos to the UM natural history museum over the weekend. Julia's starting to outgrow her nap and Isaac crashed in the morning, so it was a rare opportunity to go out in the afternoon. Julia's been there once before with Todd and Isaac and it was amazing how familliar she was with the place and how excited she was to show me everything she'd seen. Repitition is incredibly important to this girl. The first time you do something new with her, or take her to a new place, you are setting up a precendent that will need to be followed to the letter from then on. So we went and saw the giant clam that was "big enough to sleep in", and the dinosaur bones, and the big shark hanging from the ceiling. Meanwhile, Isaac was working on some sort of echo-location scheme by running around the big room emitting short, piercing shrieks. Maybe I'll start calling him "bat boy." And we absolutely could not leave the museum without looking at the "small shiny rocks" located in an obscure corner of the tiny geology exhibit. We had to call Todd so he could tell me where it was.

Julia has also become fixated on borrowing a small treasure chest toy from daycare. Apparently, she's driving Candace and Marcy nuts by asking about over and over again. Luckily, we came up with a scheme for her to *not* ask about it all day, and then she can borrow it. Hopefully that'll preserve everyone's sanity. She takes the treasure chest home (it's just a small plastic chest with fake coins molded inside -- kinda like what you'd see in a fish tank) and carries it around with her. It has to be on the side table if she's watching TV, or on the dinner table if she's eating, or next to the computer if she's playing a game, and finally tucked into a corner of her crib which also happens to contain 2 plastic toy dinosaurs from the museum, a small velvet bag containing several rocks, marbles, and a plastic mermaid cocktail decoration, and a rubber ball.

Isaac is enjoying watching the Teletubbies lately. He repeats every "uh-oh," "bye bye" and squeals and claps with excitement to see the "bebe" (pronounced in the French manner) in the sun. I'm not complaining, as he will actually lay still for a diaper change and getting dressed in the morning if the Teletubbies are on the tube. He's also been having a great time playing ball with Todd. He uttered his first sentence, "Daba daba dabe dabu," while pointing back and forth between himself and Todd and holding the ball. It made perfect sense :)


April 28, 2004   01:01 PM PDT
I wish I could have gone to the museum with the babies!!! I miss them terribly. Give them both big kisses and hugs from Aunt Kathy. XXOO!!!!
On a side note, post something about yourself Karen! It *is* your blog afterall. ;) How's your research going? I saw the Tuesday noon site! How's that going?
:), Kathy

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