Entry: Guess whos' wearing undies? Thursday, May 13, 2004

Can you believe it? Julia's finally potty training. She used the potty successfully for the first time last week, and yesterday she wore underwear to school and didn't have a single accident. This might have a little do to with the fact that we're bribing her with Skittles and gummy bears, but what the heck, it's working :) It's actually pretty funny. There are times when she gets a candy craving, then tells us she needs to use the potty, and will sit there on the toilet, *willing* herself to do the deed. A few times nothing has happened, and she looks at me and says, "But mommy, I *want* to potty!" So we've started to make stipulations on exactly how much pee is a candy-worthy potty (poop always gets double-candy, though ;) ).

She gets the sweetest smile on her face when the tinkling starts. She is very proud of herself!

She wore her favorite pair of pineapple undies to school yesterday. I told her I wasn't packing any extra, so if she dirtied them, she'd have to be in a diaper the rest of the day. So she did perfectly, then at bathtime asked if she could wear the pineapple undies again today. I said, "No, they're dirty now." And she said, "But I didn't pee or poopie in them!"


May 14, 2004   01:00 PM PDT
Ahhhh.... I was so proud of her when I saw her in her grown-up underwear. So sweet!!

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