Entry: Gratuitous pics Monday, May 24, 2004

Here are some pics from a few weekends back. Nothing special, just a day at the park. We played, had a picnic lunch, attempted to fly the kite. Isaac's working on a killer tan. He must have the brownest scalp north of Florida. Jules is getting darker too, but is much fairer skinned than her brother. She's wearing her Dora the Explorer backpack in which a variety of packrat-like objects are stashed. She has this strange habit of taking a bag (grocery bag, backpack, stroller bag, whatever) and filling it with a collection of small objects. Her latest crib stash includes a puka necklace, a dollhouse plate, and some other random things I can't even remember.

Isaac's vocabulary keeps growing, but he favors words that start with 'b.' Right now, he and Jules love watching a Bill Cosby inspired show called "Little Bill." So he wakes up asking for "Bee-yuh, bee-yuh" (not to be confused with "bay-yuh, bay-yuh," which refers to a Teletubbie scene involving a bear). His other favorite word is "mommeee" with a big smile on the "eeee" part. Needless to say, that's my favorite word too.

Isaac has this really cool pair of light-up sandals that cause him to throw a complete crying fit every time we put them on his feet. He eventually stops crying and doesn't even notice his footwear anymore, but this lack of actual discomfort doesn't deter him from throwing another fit when we try to put them on the next time.

Julia got mad at me last week when I sat her on the potty because I wouldn't let her stand in front of the toilet to take a pee. What a mean mommy :P She has the amazing ability to scoot herself onto the toilet. So the potty thing is almost totally in her control. She can pull her pants down, get on the potty, do her business, wipe, and flush the toilet. The only thing we have to help her with is hand-washing (and trust me, a toddler needs a thorough handwashing after a visit to a bathroom). Amazing to think she was still in diapers full-time just a few weeks ago.

We've finally convinced Jules to let us put barrettes in her hair. Now the only problem is that her hair is so thin, they never stay in. But we're still working on it...


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