Entry: Taking after dad... Tuesday, June 15, 2004

One of the kiddos favorite things to do lately is listen to loud music while in the car and bouncing their legs up and down to the music. They take after their dad :) The other day, I put in Santana's "Supernatural" CD. Within the first 10 seconds of music, Julia had pegged it as the same music she'd heard a few weeks ago when Todd was testing out our new portable DVD player and had put Santana's concert DVD in. She is really amazing. Her current favorite song is "Blister in the Sun" by the Violent Femmes. Turns out it takes about 4 repeats of that song to drive from our house to daycare.

As to that DVD player (a gift from Nana), it saved our sanity on the 5 hour drive down to Indiana and then back up again this past weekend. The kids had a great time at Camp Joe. They loved making the cicadas chirp, and also got to see various other wildlife including a turtle, deer, snakes, and toads.

Another thing we've been amazed at is how similar Julia's and Isaac's language development has been. Isaac's a bit slower, but he says the same words, like "bape" for "grape", "sta!" for "stuck!" (especially when reading the Pooh bear book where Pooh gets stuck in rabbit's doorway), and "ooo moe-ay!" for "holey moley!" He still loves the part in Finding Nemo when the fish are doing their tribal chant, "Ah-oo ah-oo ah-oo-oo-oo, oooh!" He has been in a fun and crazy mood lately. From the moment his feet hit the ground in the morning, he is tearing around the house, picking up toys, throwing them down, running back and forth, stamping his feet. He had his arm cocked behind him to throw a ball, pretty close to Julia yesterday. Julia was kinda cowering, trying not to get hit. He threw it right past her, but as she tried to inch by him, he planted both hands on her chest and shoved. She kept on inching past, with her shoulders all hunched up to protect herself. We're really trying to teach Isaac how to be gentle, before he gets stronger than all of us!


June 15, 2004   02:37 PM PDT
I bet Julia is already regretting when she beat up on her lil bro! Heh.

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