Entry: Vocab, live music, chalk Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It's amazing how much Isaac is talking now. He will point to everything in sight, saying "Da?" and, after you say the word to him, he repeats it as best he can. You have to spend a lot of time with him to hear the subtle differences between "teletubbie," "helicopter," and "apricot." But "bumblebee" is pretty clear, and he does a great buzzing sound (complete with a little spit). He even said something quite close to "Julia" yesterday rather than his usual "Doo-dah."

Julia's vocabulary is growing too. The other day, we were driving out of the neighborhood on the way to school. She pointed out the streetlamps and mentioned that the bulbs were burned out. "No," I told her, "they're just turned off. They turn on at night and turn off during the day." "Oh," she said, "they're automatic." Uh, yeah. She learned that word at a restaurant a few weeks ago that had automatic toilets. It still amazed me that she can make all those connections herself.

We took the kids to an outdoor concert a few weekends ago and they loved it. We sat through two different bands -- two hours worth of music and the kids never once got bored. They also had their first taste of cotton candy. Julia had seen the stand on the way into the concert area and we agreed that after dinner she could have some cotton candy (that's cot-ton candy. Julia enunciates it more clearly than Todd or I do). You should have seen her face when we handed her the bag of fluff. She looked ready to burst into tears because she was expecting candy and here we were handing her a pillow! But she was happy enough once she tasted it. And Isaac became the human fly with finger so sticky I could have stuck him to a wall and let him climb up.

We had a good time drawing with sidewalk chalk over the weekend. The weather has been so gorgeous. Sunny, clear, breezy and 70. Isaac kept running from place to place on the pavement, pointing at the ground and telling me what to draw -- "melmo" for fish (his version of the word Nemo), "meow" for cat, "moo" for cow, etc.) until it looked like cave painters had spent a good amount of time in our back yard.

Julia created her greatest artwork to date:

(I added the legs, feet and lollipop, but the rest is by Julia). It's a self portrait :)

Here's the artist at work, putting something in mommy's fish's belly, and adding a little something to the eye:

Julia was very camera shy that day and this was one of my pics of her, as I chased her around the yard:

At least you know I'm trying.


July 7, 2004   01:33 PM PDT
Hey, Karen!!

Email me about dinner sometime this week, I'm anxious to see all this growing up in person!

:) kaye
June 29, 2004   04:02 PM PDT
WOW, Karen!! Automatic?!?! Julia's a genius!!! And I still can't believe Isaac is walking AND talking. I half expect them to be teenagers when I get there in November! ;) Their development seems to be on hyperdrive! (Even to you!)
Love lots, Aunt Kathy
P.S. I hope they like their very belated Christmas presents.

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