Allice » Loved the pictures and news, it was good to have this to come home to after leaving Vail for Chillicothe
Alice » Thanks for sending this again, Hope to see everyone the last weekend in March, Love, Me
Alice » Thanks for the update can't wait to see everyone-I will be in Chillicothe tomarrow, my dad is really have a bad time with depression and crying so hope that taking him to his house will be good for hi
Alice » Thanks again for the update and I can't wait to see everyone. Tomarrow I am going to Chillicothe to see my fatherand take him home to his house, he has ben very depressed and crying so it is very sad
Alice » Love the pictures for akk the pictures and our stay with your sisters and Mom--see you soon!!
Pam » Karen, I finally have seenthe blog. I luv it. I don't have a scanner but will try to get the pix to you. I can't believe how much he looks like great grandpa! at ;east he does to me.
Clarified » I really enjoyed reading your blog karen, i'm not a mother or anything but you have beautiful well-trained kids! great blog ms karen!
Alice » thanks for the pictures with their shirts on for Valentine day!! they are so cute can't wat to see them in person this Sun.
Alice » Only Julia would have said this about the policeman..did Todd get a ticket?? Did she get something to eat??
Kathy » Wow Karen - did you already teach Julia about the birds and the bees? How did she figure out that she was once in your belly? I can't wait to see Isaac! I promise not to get in his way!
Kathy » Keep posting, Karen! It's a great way to keep up with you and the babies.
Susie F. » I had no idea the blog notion had caught on in motherhood as well as politics! Cute!
alice » Karen what a supper idea!!
alice » Karen what a supper idea!!
alice » Karen what a supper idea!!